Thursday, December 23, 2004

"I'll take "anal bum cover" for 500" ~ 'Sean Connery' on SNL's Celebrity Jeopardy

Alex Trebek: That's "an album cover."
Sean Connery: I spent the better part of my life trying to perfect an anal bum cover. It can't be done.

In the last few days there has been a lot of drinking, maybe...maybe too much drinking.

~Sleeman's Honey Brown on Saturday night
~Canadian on Monday night
~Alberta Genuine Draft at Kirny's on Tuesday night
~Löwenbräu last night...

It's turned out to be some sort of great beer tasting debauchery week.

'Gay-Tee' threw a grand wedding and, except for the flower-wilting gas that Kirny tormented me with on the drive down, it was a wicked time. The beds were far too comfortable in the hotel and there is one thing I don't understand...the shower head was about 5 feet up, so for someone my height, I had to crouch or lean back in order to get the shampoo out of my hair. Kirny was shouting that Terror Squad rap "do the rockaway, now lean back, lean back, lean back, lean back..."
Too funny...but why in hell do they put the showerhead that low? Hm?

The Roadrunners game was the best time. They pulled out all the foam sticks the Edmonton Journal had made up last year, clearly for the Oil, and gave them out to the crowd. If you bend them in half they are perfect for whipping somebody in the head...We had some good fights. The little kids got crafty and started making hats and elaborate outfits with all the foam sticks. The crowd was huge and really into it. I have decided I like the OT shoot-out at the end, it is rather enjoyable, but have a few of those work out against my team and I bet I wouldn't like them all that much. I have yet to see the RoadRunners lose because everytime I go to a game they win it.
Also what is up with Hamilton? Even with the new big-ass blue lines they were offside all the time. Get it together, Dudes. And I am sad to realize that my J-Lo was there at the game too and I didn't know she would be there.

Last night I was supposed to go to a movie but instead we played a bunch of games whilst drinking all manner of German Alcohol (mostly beer and wine). We even played Scrabble. Smith's team managed to spell out Quorum (I know, shocker) was rather impressive and most hackilicious.

We played this other game called Watten and I loved it. You get your cards and then you get to signal your partner what you hold in your hand. Like an elaborate game of crazy eights with sign language. It was rather weird having Smith, my partner, pull faces, wink, and roll his eyes at me. He's not very subtle though and we got our butts kicked soundly. I just kept getting all the signals wrong and making an ass of myself. There was lots of dancing to eighties music and I think I have filled my quota of Wham music for the holiday season. Thankfully, no one pulled out the Aqua...but you know you have a good party going when the whole place is singing and dancing along to Dancing Queen...tee hee.

Christmas break is great because so many people are home for the holidays. It is impossible to get out to all the different events going on but I hope everybody else is having as much fun as I am this week! And thanks to all of my friends and family, I am such a lucky person to be surrounded by such amazing (not to mention hilarious) people!

Happy Holidays to all!

Song Du Jour: "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" ~ Wham


Catrin said...

Don't forget to mention that the "Q" was situated on the triple letter score field.
Also, did I actually end up taking those negatives? Because I can't find them.

Steve said...

I was most assuredly *not* dancing to "Dancing Queen". Or anything else. And we didn't lose because of my lack of subtlety, we lost because you were drunk - at one point, your signals to me indicated that you had the same card thrice.

Sam said...

I went drinking too! this is momentous because it means i'm no longer a shut in as has been my usual routine this semester. I haven't been drinking since October and that was the end of a FACRA committee meeting. Yup.

Bogg said...

Invite Roman!

Catrin said...

Heather, you are coming to my party, right? rightrightright?

Catrin said...

I am stalking you via your blog, Heather. Prepare for an inflow of alcohol to your birthday party. Punch, beer and the likes.

Anonymous said...

You could have adjusted the height of the shower head, there was a screw on the side that changed the height. But what the fuck were you doing having a shower with KIRN?

Heather said...

There was a screw on the side? I'll just log that under "things I needed to know a month ago"... Thanks Duke, you're very helpful.

Anonymous said...

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